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Door Dings and Auto Body Repair in Denver, Colorado 

Our automobiles are truly never safe. A rock suddenly hits your hood and then the windshield. You go to the grocery store and park far away where no one else parks just to come out and find that your car is surrounded by other cars.

Door dings are bound to happen. The parent with the hyper 8 year child parks and the child jumps out of the car, opening the door, and not even thinking about your car 2 feet away from theirs. Unmanned runaway shopping carts are culprits to dents or children playing football in the street. One of my favorites is the car garage, when you pull something off the shelf and five other things fall and put dents in your car when you least expect it. All these accidents leave different type of dents.

Of course you know that a football is going to leave a dent different than a car door ding, which will be sharp and possibly cause micro cracks in the paint or even chip it. To most people, they have no idea what the cost is going to be to take the dents out of the car. If you just take it to anyone, you will probably end up getting played, and even worse, have hammer marks from inside the car panels. I've seen it before.

You have to understand the PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) isn't always the cheapest way to fix damage. Sometime, when the dent is very sharp and on a body line, then body work is truly the way you'd have to go. Body work is always the more costly way to go about fixing the car. Call Art's Auto Body Inc today at (303) 416-6097 to discuss your specific situation and to get an honest estimate of your costs.