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Collision Repair and Hail Damage in Denver, Colorado 

As your leading provider of automotive collision specialists, our team at Art's Auto Body is happy to provide residents of Denver and neighboring cities with our exceptional services. Established in 1973, our team of fast and reliable professionals have been providing the community with our incomparable collision repair. At Art's Auto Body Inc, we are the area's leading shop for auto dent and hail repair, automotive paint bodywork and framework. We are proud to provide residents with our expert repair services, a keen eye for precision and exceptional customer service.

Our team of certified technicians also provide free estimates for those who are searching for something in their price range. We ensure that we have the most competitive prices in the area. Have you recently been in a car accident and in need of a reliable team to return your car to proper working order? We provide complete auto body restoration for vehicles that have been in an accident. If you need framework to weld frames or repair body damage, we are your team!

In addition to our framework, we also provide vehicle owners with Dent and Hail Damage Repair. If you are the victim of Hail Damage, you may feel overcome with many emotions. Allow our team of hail specialists to relax your mind and estimate your vehicle with ease. We order our parts from local stores for fast and reliable turn around. Furthermore, we provide a manufacturer's warranty on all parts for as long as you own your vehicle. Our team at Art's Auto Body Inc is also P.P.G. Deltron Paint Refinishing Certified to provide you with the best auto body painting.

As your chosen car body repair shop, we are happy to provide the area with our exceptional customer service and even more notable auto collision and hail repair. Call us today at (303) 416-6097 to learn more about the services we provide. Speak to one of our friendly associates about our free estimates and what it will take to get started. Additional services include auto dent repair from hail damage, which can be one of the most deceiving types of damage. Auto hail damage is a visual type of damage versus a disabling type of damage. The worst part about this is that it can cost more to fix hail damage on a vehicle than it would to fix most types of disabling collisions.

Another big issue with Auto Hail Damage is that most people think that it is okay to take the insurance check and use it for their bills and not the repairs of the damaged vehicle. This is a big no, especially if you are leasing the car or still are making payments on it. The reason why this is a big no is because the insurance company usually never pays the full amount needed to fix the auto hail damage.

There are multiple different reasons that can determine why they would not give you the correct amount to fix the car. The most common reason is that they are not using the correct tools to estimate hail damage. This is not like collision, where you can just look on the surface to see what is damaged.

This type of damage is based on how big the dents are, where they are located, the access to get to them, the type of metal the dents are on, and how many dents there are. Truly, the only way to see them is by using professional PDR (paintless dent repair) equipment used specifically for finding and counting dents.

Here is an example of what happens 90% of the time. You file a claim and your insurance company cuts you a check for $4,000. Minus your deductible, that is a check for $3,500 in your name for the repairs of the car. You think to yourself that the car runs fine and you can barely see the dents, so it is not a big deal if you use this money for bills and not repairing the car. This is not true.

Here is where different situations come into play: 

1.) If you own the vehicle and you do not care about what it looks like because your are going to keep the car for the rest of its life. The problem with this is that once you file the claim to repair the hail, you can never file another claim unless you can prove that the hail damage was fixed. 

2) If the car gets damaged again by hail, you now have hail damage on top of hail damage, which makes it even harder to fix. The insurance company can usually tell if that happens.

3) If you choose to sell the car for any reason, you would want the amount of the hail damage taken off of the price. 

This is where it can really come back to haunt you. The buyer would want to have the professional come out to estimate the costs of the hail damage. If they find out that there is $7,000 worth of damage and you only got paid $4,000 by the insurance, then you would lose $3,000 off of the selling price. However, if you just fixed the hail damage, you would be able to collect the full asking price for the sale of the car.

So, to avoid any issues with an owned or leased vehicle, bring your car into Art's Auto Body Inc today. Let our honest professionals help you to find the best possible solutions to fix the hail damage on your vehicles.